Falling For The Alpha as a Surrogate Novel, Where to Read?

Falling For The Alpha as a Surrogate Novel is Originally Titled “Accidental Surrogate for Alpha” written by Author Caroline Above Story. Ella, struggling with infertility, seeks artificial insemination but accidentally receives the sperm of Dominic Sinclair, a powerful werewolf Alpha in the midst of a campaign for King.

Falling For The Alpha as a Surrogate Novel

This unexpected pregnancy throws both their lives into chaos, navigating complex emotions, societal dynamics, and potential danger from rivals.

After struggling with infertility for years and being betrayed by her lover, Ella finally decides to have a baby on her own. However everything goes wrong when she gets inseminated with the sperm of intimidating billionaire Dominic Sinclair. All of a sudden her life is turned upside down when the mix up comes to light — especially because Sinclair isn’t just any billionaire, he’s also a werewolf campaigning to be Alpha King!

He’s not going to let just anyone have his pup, can Ella convince him to let her stay in her child’s life? And why is he always looking at her like she’s his next meal?! He couldn’t be interested in a human, could he?

Falling For The Alpha as a Surrogate Novel – https://www.goodnovel.com/book/Accidental-Surrogate-for-Alpha_31000654414

Title: Falling For The Alpha as a Surrogate
Original Title: Accidental Surrogate for Alpha
Author: Caroline Above Story
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Publisher: GoodNovel

So, Accidental Surrogate for Alpha Novel is the Story of Ella is Popularly known by its alternate name ‘Falling For The Alpha as a Surrogate Novel’. You can start reading it online on goodnovel platform starting from chapter 1. Upto Chapter 5 are available free to read online. From Chapter 6 you can unlock it by coins or you can get a subscription to goodnovel app.

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