Bengithi Lizokuna Zulu Novel by N. G. Sibiya

Bengithi Lizokuna Zulu Novel teaches us how important we have to respect our parents. It also show us how important is it to do the right decision that won’t affect other people that are close to our lives. This Book is Written by N.G. Sibiya. Bengithi Lizokuna Zulu Book PDF Download and read it online.

Bengithi Lizokuna PDF

Bengithi Lizokuna Zulu Novel is one of the most significant works of Zulu literature. The Title of Novel in English is, “I Thought It would Rain” and this novel covers love, tradition and clash between rural and urban life in Zulu Society.

Bengithi Lizokuna Zulu Novel

Summary: Bengithi Lizokuna Zulu Book story revolves around a Young man named ‘Sibusiso’ who leaves his rural life to pursue education and job opportunities in Urban area. Later when Sibusiso finding difficulties in Urban life and becomes Torn between traditional values of rural life and modern life he encounters in the city.

This Novel tells the Story of Challenges faced by Sibusiso when he tries to reconcile his rural roots with fast-paced and often unforgiving urban environment.

Bengithi Lizokuna Zulu NovelPDF Download

“Bengithi Lizokuna” is regarded as a groundbreaking work in Zulu literature, as it was one of the first novels to be written in the Zulu language. It played a significant role in the affirmation and promotion of indigenous languages and cultures in South Africa.

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