Flash Marriage: He Made My Jaw Drop Novel | Where to Read?

Vivienne accidentally marries a stranger named Damien after going on a blind date set up by her mother. They navigate the unexpected consequences of their hasty marriage while dealing with personal struggles and growing feelings for each other. Here is Flash Marriage: He Made My Jaw Drop Novel Synopsis and Where to Read Complete Novel Online guide.

flash marriage he made my jaw drop novel

Vivienne and Damien left City Hall, holding their marriage certificate. Vivienne suddenly felt a bit crazy for marrying someone she had just met an hour ago. Damien noticed her expression and smirked, saying it was too late to change her mind. Vivienne, determined, put away the certificate, insisting she had no regrets and told Damien to focus on work. It made me wonder if they were already splitting up after getting married so quickly. Did Vivienne just want the certificate and now they were going their separate ways?

Novel Title: Flash Marriage: He Made My Jaw Drop
Author: Roana Cyrus
Publisher: Ireader
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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