Reclaiming The CEO’s Heart Novel (Avery and Jacob) Read Online

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Reclaiming The CEO's Heart Novel

Avery Adams has been married to Jacob Hill for three years, but she couldn’t match Jacob’s first love who lived in Jacob’s for a decade. On the day when Avery was diagnosed with stomach cancer, Jacob was accompanying his first love for her son’s medical check-up. Avery left quietly, holding the divorce agreement, without causing a scene. However, this departure triggered a fiercer retaliation from Jacob.

It turned out that Jacob married Avery merely for the purpose of avenging his sister. In Avery’s ailing state, Jacob gripped Avery’s chin and coldly declared, “This is the debt your family owes me.”

Subsequently, Avery’s family faced ruin, with her father becoming a vegetable after a car accident, leaving her with no prospects for the future. Avery eventually took her own life by jumping from a tall building. “My family’s debt to you, and I have repaid you with my life.”

Jacob, usually dignified, knelt on the ground with tear-filled eyes, begging desperately for her return, over and over again.

reclaiming the ceo’s heart novelRead It Online (All Chapters)

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