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Harper Sullivan once had a loving family as the Alpha’s daughter. Now, she is the abused plaything and servant of her sadistic older brother, Daniel. She tells herself that she deserves the abuse, but a part of her longs for a real family and a love she can call her own. Luckily, fate has a special plan in store for Harper.

forsaken by the moon novel

I stared up at the tall man who stopped me as I walked home from school. I thought it was pretty weird that he was waiting for me, but it’s hard to be rude to someone who knew my name and seemed to know everything about me. My brow furrowed as he smiled down at me. How do you know my parents? I asked.

Even as a moody teenager, like my mom called me, I knew how to be polite. Besides, my parents, Luna Wendy and Alpha Carson, rule Pack Pend Oreille together, a peaceful, loving pack of wolf shifters, so it wasn’t unusual for someone to know me when I may not have known them.

“Our father is dead.”

My heart stopped.” He’s what? He can’t be. “

“Well, he is. I have to be Alpha now, thanks to you?”

“Me? That… that… pedophile killed Mom.

He was trying to hurt me, and-“

He slapped me across the face so hard that it knocked me to the floor. Shock kept me there. Daniel had never been violent before. His fist caught my cheek and forced my head to slam against the hard floor.

Dimly, I was aware that Daniel had not stopped his assault, kicks and fists rained down on my body as I lay there, struggling to remain awake.

I could feel consciousness slipping away from me, and I silently wished that I was someone else, someone who wasn’t always miserable.

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Title: Forsaken by the Moon
Author: Hypatia
Publisher: Ficworld
Genre: Romance
Language: English

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