Forsaken Love Novel (Julia and Robert) – The Forgotten Love

Forsaken Love Novel Julia and Robert story is written by Author Mona. It’s alternatively known by ‘The Forgotten Love’ Novel. It’s an interesting love story of Julia and Robert available to read on NovelBee and NovelDom Platform.

We will take for granted if someone consistently loves us and unyieldingly. Julia has been guarding her love for ten years, but she lost only to a sentence: I miss you. Lauren just defeats her with the three words. Julia feels that the cruelest thing that Robert has ever done is that he knows that she is deeply in love with him, but he walks up to her and tells her that he wants to divorce her and marry another woman

Title: Forsaken Love
Alternate Name: The Forgotten Love
Author: Mona
Publisher: Novel Bee, NovelDom
Genre: Romance
Language: English

Forsaken Love Novel Julia and Robert (The Forgotten Love) –

Forsaken Love Novel and The Forgotten Love Novel are very Popular by both names on respective Portal. If you wants to read it on Novel Bee, its available with a Title ‘The Forgotten Love’ and if you wants to read on NovelDom, its available with a title ‘Forsaken Love’. If you are already reading it or completed reading, do share your review in a comments below.

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