Shattered Crown by Monica Kayne, Where to Read?

Shattered Crown book by Monica Kayne is a new Mafia release. It is an age gap marriage of convenience romance. So in this we have Kira who is a feisty little Mafia princess who was out for revenge. She tragically lost her aunt, who was very brutally unalived. So now she is out to avenge her name.

Then we have Maxim, who is the Mafia boss. He is looking for a wife. And so when Kira overhears that Maxim may have been responsible for her aunt’s death, she jumps at the opportunity and agrees to marry him so she can use his name and status to finally figure out what happened to her aunt.

What she was definitely not expecting was the undeniable attraction that the two of them had for each other. It was so great. This is a bit of a slower burn, but the spice is still really hot.


To the world, Maxim Belov is a self-made billionaire with charm as deep as his pockets. But strip away the politician’s smile and crisp Armani suits, and you’ll find the puppetmaster commanding Moscow’s underworld—the man who decides who lives or dies.

He’s my best friend’s father and the last person I’d want as an enemy, but when I discover his role in my aunt’s death, I’m hell-bent on retribution. And what better way to learn his secrets than standing by his side—as his wife.

In front of the cameras, he’s all adoring smiles and sweet gestures, but behind closed doors, the devil comes out to play. He’s my every dark fantasy come to life, setting my body on fire with his filthy words and sinful touch.

But I’ll never forget the blood on his hands. When the time comes, Maxim will pay for his sins.

Shattered Crown by Monica Kayne – Amazon

Shattered Crown Book by Monica Kayne is available to read on Amazon KU and you can order Paperback Edition as well.

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