Hostile Heir Novel by Autumn Archer, Where to Read?

Hostile Heir is A Dark Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance Novel written by USA Today bestselling Author Autumn Archer. This is Tomas and Carina’s roller-coaster ride of a story. These two both have experienced great trauma in their lives. Carina has faced so much and has not let it break her.

hostile heir novel

When she is found covered in his fathers blood she finds herself once again a prisoner. But the connection and chemistry between these two changes circumstances. Their story is dark and intense and an absolute must read.

She was meant to be an innocent pawn in a treacherous game.
My father’s prisoner—a young woman naive enough to believe I’d be her knight in shining armor.
But I’m no hero.
I am the real villain.
She’s bound to me, not just as my captive but as the cure for my only weakness. Now, I’m unstoppable, and my dominance over the most formidable cartel syndicate in Colombia is strengthened.
I will bend her to my will.
Her defiance will have consequences.
She may think our forced arrangement has an expiration date, but she underestimates the power of my obsession with her.

Hostile Heir Novel –

Tomas and Carina will singe the pages as you read. Admittedly, a few chapters less of her whining about wanting him would have been just fine…the story is undoubtedly a page turner. The author conveys the small details that enhance the story, the physical descriptions of the characters and their specific habits.

Hostile Heir Novel by Autumn Archer is available to Purchase online on Amazon as Paperback Edition as well as KU (Kindle Unlimited) Edition. If you are reading it, do share your review in a comments section below.

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