She’s Moved on With Someone New Novel, Where to Read?

She’s Moved on With Someone New is an Interesting Love Story of Alanna Jacinto and Hades Florentine. Hades is Alanna’s sugar daddy and in a secret relationships who don’t want to have any child. But unfortunately the girl gets pregnant but don’t want to say it to male lead. Here is Where to read.

she moved on with someone new novel

The girl likes him a lot and had a crush on him from childhood. And the male lead is an elite and CEO of a company. Don’t know about male lead’s feelings as it didn’t show pov of male lead.


Alanna Jacinto has been Hades Florentine’s secret lover for three years. Despite that, she hasn’t won his heart or love. But when she’s finally decided to give up, he comes chasing after her. Alanna says coldly, “Too little, too late, Mr. Florentine. Your love is cheaper than dirt.” Hades holds her tightly. “Yes, my love is cheaper than dirt, and I am too. Don’t go, Ally. I’m begging you.”

She’s Moved on With Someone New Novel –

Title: She’s Moved on With Someone New
Author: Orange Long
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Goodnovel
Language: English

She’s Moved on With Someone New Novel by Orange Long is available to read online on GoodNovel Platform. Chapter 1 to Chapter 6 are available to read online for Free on Official App. You can unlock next chapters by Coins on GoodNovel App for Andorid/iOS. Also, you can get a Subsription to GoodNovel Platform and enjoy reading.

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