I Became the Purchased Wife of The Lycan Prince Novel, Where to Read?

I Became the Purchased Wife of the Lycan Prince Novel is the story of Hope and Logan written by Author Light. How Logan Moore and Hope Ravenclaw signs the contract to marry and have a Child. What happens in their life after it very unique tale. Here is Where you can read it online.

i became the purchased wife of the lycan prince novel

Sign on the papers, since I’m going to purchase you,” said Logan Moore, the Lycan Prince. “What if I don’t?” Hope asked. “Then, I’ll have to force you to sign them,” Logan said with a stern tone. On her 20th birthday, Hope Ravenclaw finds out her mate has been cheating on her along with her stepsister and marks her right in front of Hope’s eyes. Devastated Hope’s miseries don’t stop there as her family sold her to the Lycan Prince, Logan Moore, who is known as the most merciless and cruel man alive on earth.

The two sign a marriage contract of one year in which Hope is supposed to give him a child. Will Hope be able to fall in love with the Lycan Prince to whom she was a mere purchased wife? Will Logan surrender the walls surrounding his heart of never falling in love? Let’s find out in the story of Hope, the omega werewolf, and the Lycan Prince!

On her 20th birthday, Hope Ravenclaw discovers her mate’s betrayal, leaving her heartbroken and questioning her future. When a proposition from the enigmatic Lycan Prince, Logan Moore, arrives, it offers a chance at independence and a fresh start. However, Logan seeks an alliance, not a love match, and their partnership begins with a one-year contract.

I Became the Purchased Wife of The Lycan Prince Novel – LeReader App (Android/iOS)

You can Go to Android Playstore or iOS App Store and Download LeReader App or alternatively, you can directly Download from their website here https://kwmobi.com/ Install and search for the Novel ‘I Became the Purchased Wife of the Lycan Prince’ in a Search Bar and Novel will Appear to you, Tap on it and Start reading it. First 5 Chapters you can read it for Free. Next You need to Unlock by Coins or get a Subscription to the App.

As they navigate their complex arrangement, they discover hidden depths within each other. Can they overcome their past hurts and find common ground, or will their differences drive them apart? Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 are Free to read online on LeReader Platform. You can Start Reading on Android/iOS App.

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