My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back Novel (Katherine and Christopher)

My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back Novel is written by Cheryl Moore. Its a Story of Katherine and Christopher. How On the First Day of Marriage, Katherine found her Husband Christopher had a mistress outside. She waited for 2 years hopping Christopher will Find feelings for her. But Later she found Mistress was Pregnant and Her Heart broken. She Divorced and returned to his Biological Family. What happens Next is an Interesting read.

my ex husband wants me back novel

On the first day of her marriage, Katherine Xander discovered her husband, Christopher Levine, had a mistress outside. Still, she held on for two years, hoping he would reciprocate her feelings someday. Alas, her heart broke when she heard the mistress was pregnant. Katherine decided to take control of her fate and promptly divorced Christopher.

Katherine left the city and returned to her biological family, the Larsons. Assuming a new identity as Kimberly Larson, she took on the role of the new CEO of Larson Corporation. Just as Kimberly’s life was finally getting back on track, Christopher found out about her double identities and the triplets.

Christopher wanted to reclaim his position as Kimberly’s husband and the triplets’ father. However, various obstacles awaited him as Kimberly’s protective brothers swore to thwart his plan…

My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back Novel

My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back by Cheryl Moore is available to read online on LeReader and Noveloasis Platform. You can Read Chapter 1 to Chapter 6 are totally Free to Read. You can unlock more chapters by Coins or you can directly get a Subscription and start reading it.

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