In the Lap of Luxury Novel (Grace and Benjamin) Where to read?

In the Lap of Luxury Novel is the Romance story of Grace and Benjamin. The Novel is Written by Unsweetened Chestnuts. It revolves around a woman named Grace who is trapped in a loveless marriage. A life-changing event, possibly a plane crash, leads to the discovery of her husband’s infidelity and becomes a catalyst for transformation. She embraces her true identity as the granddaughter of a wealthy man and sets out to reclaim her life, potentially seeking revenge or justice.

in the lap of luxury novel grace and benjamin story


Despite being married for three years, Grace Lewis doesn’t even get to hold hands with Benjamin Hawkins, let alone bear a child for him.After surviving a plane crash, Grace finds herself in the hospital, where she sees Benjamin accompanying another woman for a prenatal checkup. This makes Grace realize Benjamin’s never had space in his heart for her.

As soon as she ends the relationship, Grace changes back to the granddaughter of the world’s wealthiest man. Since she can’t be Benjamin’s wife, she’ll be his nemesis instead. She’d like to see who’s the unworthy one now!

In the Lap of Luxury Novel is the story of Grace and Benjamin is available to read on GoodNovel Platform. Chapter 1 to Chapter 8 are totally free to read on website. You’ll get Bonus chapters to read for free, If you are reading it from GoodNovel App for Android or iOS. To read All the Chapters or complete novel, you have to get GoodNovel Subscription.

In the Lap of Luxury Novel –

The novel explores themes of betrayal, self-discovery, empowerment, and navigating the complexities of wealth and high society. If you are already reading this Novel titled ‘In the Lap of Luxury’ by unsweetened chestnuts, do share your review with us.

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