My Ex-Wife Is A Big Shot In Disguise Novel, Where to read?

My Ex-Wife Is A Big Shot In Disguise Novel is a Romance Novel written by Lindsay Lewis. Its a Story of Madison Hale about moving abroad, getting divorced and how she faces tough time in her life. Here is where you can read My Ex-Wife Is a Big Shot in Disguise Novel on official platform.

Madison Hale was the adopted daughter of the Hale family. She was sent abroad by her newlywed husband on the night of her marriage. Three years later, when she returned to the country, she was greeted with one shocking news after another. The real daughter of the Hale family, Sally Hale, had already been found. Moreover, Madison was driven out of the house with a divorce agreement.Leo Palmer was Madison’s newlywed husband. He came from a prestigious family and had always deeply loved Sally.

During Sally’s years away from home, he was forced by his grandfather to marry Madison. On the day he found Sally, he quickly divorced Madison and sent her away with a divorce agreement.Everyone was waiting to see Madison’s misfortune, assuming that she wouldn’t be able to endure a life of poverty and would surely come back begging the Hale family for help and continue to pursue Leo shamelessly. However, people discovered that she was actually the lost daughter of a wealthy family from another country.

Title: My Ex-Wife Is A Big Shot In Disguise
Author: Lindsay Lewis
Publisher: NovelOasis | LeReader
Genre: Romance
Language: English

Where to Read?

So, if you wants to read ‘My Ex-Wife Is A Big Shot In Disguise Novel’ All the Chapters online on official Platform. You can Download and Install LeReader or NovelOasis App for Android/iOS and start reading.

First Few chapters, you can read totally free, You will get Bonus Chapters to read while using App. Also, you can unlock chapters by using Coins in you Wallet. To Read ‘My Ex-Wife Is A Big Shot In Disguise’ complete Novel, you need to have a subscription to LeReader or Noveloasis.

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