Infect Me with Your Love Novel by Lovely, Where to read?

Infect Me with Your Love novel is written by Author Lovely. It’s an Interesting story of a Girl named Megan Carson who is a School Student. How she falls in love with an attractive guy Christopher Fisher. How that Nice guy cheat on her with her best friend. The Story is becoming more Popular on Internet. Here is Where you can read All the chapters, complete novel on official portal.

infect me with your love novel

Megan Carson is every girl’s ideal. Daughter of millionaire parents, captain of the cheerleading squad, president of the student council, she has the best grades and besides, she is the girlfriend of the most attractive guy on the soccer team, the incredible Christopher Fisher. Who would have thought that a nice guy like him would end up cheating on her so blatantly, with none other than her best friend? Desperate not to be mocked, Megan decides to make a deal with the most feared boy in school.

What she never imagined was that the deal would only be the beginning of her doom, because people aren’t always what everyone says they are. Sometimes, they are much worse. Oh yeah, this is the part where I introduce the bad guy. Name? Jacob Cross. How would you describe him? Well. he’s a troubled boy.

Favorite pastime? Participating in underground fights.What’s his favorite thing to do? Definitely breaking the rules. Anything else to add? Mmm. Oh, I almost forgot. You’d do very well not to forget his name.Why? Because Jacob Cross means trouble.

Title: Infect Me With Your Love
Author: Lovely
Publisher: LeReader
Genre: Romance

Infect Me with Your Love Novel is available to read online on LeReader Platform. Yes, You Need to Download and Install Android/iOS App to your Smartphone or Tablet and You can start reading from LeReader App. Infect Me with Your Love Novel is receiving lots of love on web and if you are already reading it, do share your review in a comments section below.

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