Married Without Love Novel by Raya | Mishal and Zayaan Story

Married without Love Novel by Raya is the Story of Contract Marriage between Mishal and Zayaan. The story revolves around Mishal, who finds herself forced into a contract marriage with Zayaan, a cold and distant man. Their marriage isn’t driven by love or societal expectations, but by something more mysterious and potentially dangerous.

married without love novel

The blurb mentions that both Mishal and Zayaan harbor dark secrets and a troubled past. These secrets seem to play a significant role in their dynamic and the overall tension of the story. The marriage isn’t just loveless, but potentially oppressive and possibly even perilous for Mishal. The contract element adds an intriguing layer of complexity and suspense.

Mishal: The protagonist, forced into a difficult situation and potentially facing emotional and physical hardship. The blurb offers little insight into her personality, leaving her motivations and inner world open to exploration through the story.

Zayaan: The enigmatic husband, shrouded in mystery and described as cold and dangerous. His hidden past and true intentions towards Mishal are crucial plot points.

Married without Love Novel –

Novel Title: Married without Love
Author: Raya
Genre: Romance, Drama
Language: English

“Married Without Love” is like a dark and suspenseful story with elements of forced marriage, hidden agendas, and potentially even danger. It might appeal to readers who enjoy thrillers with complex characters and morally ambiguous situations. You can Read complete novel on official website link mentioned above. Do let us know your thoughts on the same.

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