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Being tortured by Mike in prison for three years, Chloe finally got a chance to escape him. However, when she saw him again after three years, she finally realized that she has always been his prisoner …… Keep scrolling to read the sample of May I Have Never Loved You or download the app to read the entire series. Here is Where you can read the Complete Novel May I Have Never Loved You All Chapters on Official website.

may i have never loved you novel by sophie

Synopsis: The guard’s call sent a tremor through Chloe’s body. Fists clenched, knuckles white with the strain of a fight far older than today. Every 18th was a brutal reminder, a day etched in bone. Their laughter followed like vultures, each snide remark a barb digging deep. “Sleeping her way to freedom,” they jeered. “Eighteenth wonder of the world.”

Under their hungry gaze, Chloe stood a statue of ice. She couldn’t deny the truth in their taunts. Each month, the same cold exchange of flesh for a semblance of peace. But today, a different fear gnawed at her. The familiar iron door. A deep breath, steadying her nerves. Then, the face she knew intimately, etched as deeply in her mind as the prison bars.

Mike Parker. Broad shoulders, sharp suit, back a wall against the world. Even with his back turned, Chloe felt the simmering rage, the cold calculation. The door slammed shut, severing the world. Panic clawed at her throat. Not today. The desperate beast within roared, clawing at its cage. Before she could reach the door, his shadow engulfed her. Red glinted in his eyes, the devil’s smirk twisting his lips. “Escape, little dove?” His voice, a silken blade.

Chloe spun, adrenaline a tide against the steel bars. But escape was a phantom, dancing just out of reach. His hand, a iron vice, clamped around her neck, cutting off air and hope. “Run? You’ve been running since you first laid eyes on me, haven’t you?” His words, acid on her wounds. Silence, thick and suffocating. Her struggles, a bird’s frantic beating against a pane of glass. Scarlet bloomed on her face, a stark contrast to his icy amusement.

“Remember the date, Chloe?” His voice, a predator savoring its prey. “Remember what you did?” Through the haze of his hatred, Chloe’s lips curved into a bitter smile. Three years of these 18ths, his cruel reminders. Punishment etched in blood. “Suffocating in your hands isn’t a bad way to go,” she thought, closing her eyes, welcoming the abyss.

A flicker in his eyes, a tremor in his touch. Gone in an instant, replaced by the cruel bite of steel on flesh. “Die? Not that easy, sweetheart.” Pain, a white-hot inferno engulfing her, ripped her back to consciousness. Before she could react, her body slammed against the unforgiving iron, a canvas for his twisted masterpiece. She knew what awaited her, yet every whimper died in her throat, replaced by a chilling defiance. No fear, no tears, just the silent scream of a soul trapped in its own hell.

Where to Read?

May I Have Never Loved You Complete Romance Novel is available to Read on NovelDom Official Website. Hover to the Link mentioned below to Start reading. To Enjoy Complete Novel, you have to Download NovelDom Official Website or App for Android or iOS Smartphones.

May I Have Never Loved You Novel –

Title: May I Have Never Loved You
Author: Soph1e
Publisher: NovelDom
Genre: Romance
Language: English

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