The Love She Buried in Heart Novel by Mona, Where to Read?

The Love She Buried in Heart Novel by Author Mona revolve around a woman named Elena who loves a man for many years, potentially Alston Rivers. However, their relationship faces challenges, and Elena feels her love is unreciprocated. There might be themes of sacrifice, heartbreak, and possibly second chances. Here is the Link to official Novel and Where you can read Complete Novel.

the love she buried in heart novel

Elena Forbes married the man she has been loved for fourteen years, but before she can truly win her husband’s heart, he will leave her forever. Her husband is suffering from severe heart failure and will only live for a month at most. However, Elena is two months pregnant. Does she really have to trade two lives for one? The answer is yes, her life is originally given by her husband, gives it back is what she should do.

Elena clutched her bandaged stomach, the echo of the doctor’s words still hanging heavy in the air. “Only your heart is compatible, Mrs. Rivers. It’s the only way to save him.”

She pictured Alston, her husband of twenty years, asleep on the hospital bed. The man she’d loved with every fiber of her being, the man who remained oblivious to her silent devotion, her sacrifices, and the child growing within her. A pang of bitterness gnawed at her, mixed with an overwhelming, fierce love that transcended everything.

Where to Read?

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The Love She Buried in Heart Novel –

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The Love She Buried in Heart Novel by Mona delves deeper into Elena’s internal conflict, her unrequited love, and the bittersweetness of her sacrifice.

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