My Mirror Image Novel (Candice and Alex Story) is an Exciting Read

My Mirror Image Novel, Candice and Alex Story is Popular read Novel in recent times. It’s a Love Story and Triangle when Similar looking girl comes in one person’s love journey. Here we brings to you Story Highlights or Synopsis of this Novel where you will get a Brief Idea about this Novel and guide on Where to read this Complete Novel Online.

my mirror image novel

Candice had been Alex’s constant companion since the age of eighteen, their relationship evolving from a simple partnership into something far deeper. The power and wealth they shared imbued her with a sense of confidence, leading her to believe she held a unique place in his heart. However, when Alex hired a new secretarial intern, Sonia, a young woman brimming with youthful charm and innocence, Candice felt a pang of unease. It wasn’t Sonia’s potential actions that troubled her, but rather the reminder of her own youthful self, the wide-eyed girl who had first captured Alex’s attention.

Candice Renault left to pick up Alex Elysian when Banquet was over. She Opens the Door and she finds a Young and Beautiful Girl with pretty eyes and charming face. Candice had seen that girl earlier. Surprisingly, That girl was the New Intern named ‘Sonia Summers’ at Secretary’s office.

Where to Read?

Candice had been by Alex’s side since she was eighteen, evolving from just a partner to something more. Power and wealth gave her confidence, which got her thinking she was one of a kind in his heart. However, Alex hired a new secretarial intern, Sonia, who was youthful, naive, and charming. Despite her innocent look, Candice felt threatened; not because of what Sonia might do, but because Sonia reminded her of her younger self, of when she first met Alex.

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My Mirror Image Novel –

Title: My Mirror Image
Author: Maybe Not
Publisher: Goodnovel
Ratings: 8.2 (Very Good)
Genre: Romance
Language: English

So, if you looking for an Exciting Romance based Novel, Start reading My Mirror Image Novel, i am sure, once you start reading, you end up reading entire novel. If you already read it, do let us know your experience in a comments section below.

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