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The Luna Choosing Game Novel by Jane Above Story is Werewolf Novel coming under Independent, Revenge, Pregnant, Humor, Youth genre. It is one of the Popular Ongoing Novel with over 166+ chapters released already and high rated by readers. Here is Everything you need to know about ‘The Luna Choosing Game’ Novel and where to read it online.

the luna choosing game novel

The Luna Choosing Game Novel is Most Recommended Novel in recent times. It’s Newly released on GoodNovel Platform. First 5 Chapters are Totally Free to read and to Continue reading from 6th Chapter, you need to get a Subscription of GoodNovel App. Have a Look at Story Plot highlight below.


Piper gave up her dream and served as waitress to raise her sister’s abandoned baby. She bumped into her Prince EX, Nicholas, in the Crazy Luna Choosing Game.
Nicholas: How could you hide my little girl?
Piper: ExM? She’s not yours!
Nicholas: You had a Child with someone else right after we broke up?

Where to Read?

The Luna Choosing Game Novel by Jane Above Story is a Werewolf Novel available to read online on Official GoodNovel App or website. If you are an Android or iOS User, You can Download App and start reading. We are giving the Direct Novel link below.

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So, You can Start Reading ‘The Luna Choosing Game’ Novel Online from Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 which are Totally Free on GoodNovel App. But if you wants to read Chapter 6 of this Novel, where story gets more interesting and exciting read, you need to have subscription on Goodnovel. Alternatively, you can get coins to unlock next chapters of this interesting novel.

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