NZ Super Payment Dates 2024, Each Month Schedule Out!

The NZ Superannuation, also commonly known as NZ Super, is a regular financial payment provided by the New Zealand government to eligible citizens aged 65 and over. It’s essentially a state pension designed to help cover living expenses during retirement. Here we have NZ Super Payment Dates 2024 Schedule you can follow, released by New Zealand Govt Officially.

nz super payment dates

To be Eligible for NZ Super Payment, You Must be 65 years old or older, Be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident for at least 10 years. You Have met residency requirements in the 20 years leading up to your 65th birthday.

NZ Super Payment Dates 2024 Schedule

Have a Look at NZ Super Payment Dates 2024 Schedule when you will receive Pension amount in your bank account. Month Wise Payment release date listed below.


Direct bank deposit payment date


Tuesday 2 (paid Friday 29 December due to New Year Holiday)
Tuesday 16
Tuesday 30


Tuesday 13
Tuesday 27


Tuesday 12
Tuesday 26


Tuesday 9 (paid Friday 5 April due to Easter Monday)
Tuesday 23


Tuesday 7
Tuesday 21


Tuesday 4 (paid Saturday 1 June due to King’s birthday)
Tuesday 18


Tuesday 2
Tuesday 16
Tuesday 30


Tuesday 13
Tuesday 27


Tuesday 10
Tuesday 24


Tuesday 8
Tuesday 22 (paid Saturday 19 October due to Labour Day)


Tuesday 5
Tuesday 19


Tuesday 3
Tuesday 17
Tuesday 31 (paid Friday 27 December due to New Year Holiday)

NZ Super Payments are Paid fortnightly (every two weeks) on a Tuesday. The amount you receive depends on your living situation and tax code. As of January 1, 2024, the maximum basic weekly rate for a single person is NZ$812.64, while the maximum for a couple is NZ$1,291.20. NZ Super Payment are Taxable Income, So you Need to pay taxes on it.

So, If you are Eligible for NZ Super Payment Pension, You can have a look at NZ Super Payment Dates 2024 Listed above on which Date your Bank Account to be Credited with Pension Amount.

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