When is the Next $750 Payment for Pensioners 2024

The Age Pension is designed to support the basic living standards of older Australians. It is paid to people who meet age and residency requirements. It is targeted through the means test to those who need it most. Pension rates are indexed to ensure they keep pace with Australian price and wage increases. Here you will get to know How to get Information on When is the Next $750 Payment for Pensioners 2024 in victoria, sydney and other cities of Australia.

age pensioners 2024 dates

In Australia, there have been two instances of $750 payments to pensioners in 2023, both issued as part of the government’s Cost-of-Living Package:

  1. March 2023: A one-off Economic Support Payment (ESP) of $750 was paid to eligible pensioners.
  2. July 2023: Another one-off ESP of $750 was issued to eligible pensioners.

It’s important to note that these payments were not automatic and eligibility depended on your circumstances:

Since October 2023, there have been no further $750 payments scheduled for pensioners. However, the government implemented other measures to address the cost-of-living:

  • Indexation: In September 2023, the Age Pension and other eligible payments increased due to indexation and the Cost-of-Living Package. This wasn’t a lump sum payment but a permanent increase to the fortnightly rates.
  • Future changes: In January 2024, some income support payments like Youth Allowance and Disability Support Pension under 21 will undergo their annual indexation, resulting in increased payment amounts.
  • For accurate and up-to-date information about any future payments or changes to income support, it’s always best to refer to the official government websites like the Department of Social Services: https://www.dss.gov.au/

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