Offered to the Hideous Lycan Prince Novel by Shadow Princess

Destiny can’t be erased or altered…but what happens when fate entangles you with the one whom you dreaded the most? Offered to the Hideous Lycan Prince Novel written by Shadow Princess is a very intriguing story of Jasmine you can read online on Novellair Platform.

offered to the hideous lycan prince novel

Jasmine grew up to be a kindhearted, breathtaking beauty even though everyone in her pack looked down upon her since she was a fatherless child, and her wolf didn’t awaken on her 18th birthday. However, she had a special mysterious power which she had kept hidden from everyone! But, the only man she loved truly and for whom she endured every suffering, abandoned and humiliated her in the worst possible way, sending her away as a sacrifice to the feared lycan prince, from which coming back alive was inevitable! And even the worst…everything happened on the day she discovered herself pregnant!

Renowned as the ‘Hideous Monster’, Lucian had the reputation of being the ruthless Alpha Lycan Prince in the entire Carpasian kingdom whom everyone feared. Beneath his half-masked, hideous face lay the anger of an innocent heart that was brutally butchered once and the pain of devastation his whole life depended upon. Those offered maidens were the sole means he could discharge his ruthless anger, but his entire fate changed drastically on the day he encountered Jasmine!

Title: Offered To The Hideous Lycan Prince
Author: Shadow Princess
Publisher: Novellair
Genre: Werewolf

What happens when fate leads two torn hearts to find each other in the worst possible way it could ever be? Can their love overcome the thorny path of darkness? Will Jasmine be able to protect her baby from all the evil eyes lingering around them and avenge her own pack? But what happens when another lycan sets his eyes on Jasmine, attempting to snatch her away from Lucian?

Offered To The Hideous Lycan Prince Novel –

Offered To The Hideous Lycan Prince Novel by Shadow Princess is available to read online on Novellair Android/iOS Platform you can read it online. It’s a very interesting werewolf novel you can start reading, if you are already reading it, do share your review in comments.

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