Oops! My Ex-wife Is A Trillionaire Novel, Where to Read?

The novel “Oops! My Ex-wife Is A Trillionaire” is a Chinese web novel written by Axel Bob. It tells the story of a man named Marco who divorces his wife, Loraine, thinking she is just an ordinary woman. However, he soon discovers that she is secretly a trillionaire and the CEO of a powerful tech company.

oops my ex wife is a trillionaire novel

Marco regrets his decision and tries to win Loraine back, but she is no longer interested in him. She is now a successful and independent woman who is enjoying her life. The novel follows Marco’s attempts to win Loraine back, as well as the challenges and obstacles he faces along the way.


Loraine was a dutiful wife to Marco Since they got married 3 years ago. However, he treated her like trash. Nothing she did softened his heart. One day, Loraine got fed up with it all. She asked him for a divorce and eft him to enjoy with his mistress. The elites looked at her like she was deranged, “Are you out of your mind? Why are you so willing to divorce him?’

“It’s because i need to return home to get a billion-dollar fortune. Besides, I don’t love him anymore,” Loraine replied with a smile. They all laughed at her. Some believed that the divorce affected her mentally. It wasn’t until the next day that they relized she wan’t fibbing. A woman was suddently declared the world’s youngest female billionaire. It turned out to be Loraine!

Marco was shocked to the bone. When he met his ex-wife again, she was a changed person. A group of handsome young men surrounded her. She was smiling at them all. The sight made Marco’s heart ache severely. Putting his pride aside, he tried to win her back. “Hello love, I see that you are a billionaire now, You shouldn’t be with suckers who just want your money. How about you come back to me? I’m billionaire too. Together, we can build a strong empire. What do you say?” Loraine Squinted at her ex-husband with er lips curled in disgust.

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Loraine is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself. Marco is a flawed character who learns from his mistakes. The novel is a Cinderella story with a modern twist. It is a light and entertaining read that will appeal to fans of romance novels.

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