The Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Bargain Novel, Where to Read?

The Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Bargain Novel is written by author Aurora Starling. It’s a Story of Arthur and Almara. Alma is the Surrogate mother for billionaire Arthur who is a powerful, handsome and ruthless. Here is the guide where you can read complete novel online.

the billionaire alpha's baby bargain novel

Alma is the surrogate mother for billionaire ArthurHe is handsome, powerful, and ruthless. When Alma gives birth to his daughter, his ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture. Alma sees them shopping for a diamond ring together. Arthur approaches her and says, “I have to ask you something.” Alma thinks he wants her to leave, but Arthur surprises her by asking “Will you marry me?” Alma is stunned.–Obligated by debts, Alma had no choice but to sign a surrogacy contract with billionaire Arthur.

She thought she could leave after giving birth to the baby, but instead, she finds herself falling for Arthur’s charisma. He helps her achieve her dreams and gives her the best love she could ask for. Although she’s head over heels for him, she knows she can’t possibly become his wife. Can she really give up her baby and the man she deeply loves?

The Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Bargain Novel –

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