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After getting separated and moving on with their lives, Zoey Fuller and Blaine Dexter meet again. Despite their best efforts to ignore one another, fate repeatedly keeps bringing them together. Is there a divine connection between them? Rekindled Heartache Novel is actually a Pocket FM Audiobook available to Listen Online, All Episodes on PocketFM Platform.

rekindled heartache novel

Rekindled Heartache romance drama podcast available on the Pocket FM platform. It tells the story of Zoey Fuller and Blaine Dexter, two ex-lovers who unexpectedly reconnect after years of being apart. Zoey and Blaine were once passionately in love, but their relationship eventually crumbled due to unresolved issues. They went their separate ways and tried to move on with their lives. However, fate has a way of bringing people back together, and Zoey and Blaine find themselves crossing paths again after several years.

As they navigate their unexpected reunion, old feelings resurface, and they are forced to confront the reasons why their relationship failed in the first place. Can they rekindle their love and overcome the past, or are they destined to repeat the same mistakes?

Title: Rekindled Heartache Novel (Audiobook)
Platform: Pocket FM
Release date: May 30, 2022
Origin: United States
Language: English

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Rekindled Heartache Novel is a very Popular Romance Drama Available to Stream online on PockeFM Platform. Are you already listening this Audiobook on PocketFM, do let us know your experience and which Episode you liked the most, comment your perspective below.

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