The Problematic Prince Novel English, Where to Read?

The Problematic Prince is a South Korean webtoon series created by Solche and illustrated by Rima. The series was first published on Naver Webtoon in 2018 and is ongoing. This Novel is Originally Published by Naver and Seoul Media Comics. Here is Where to read The Problematic Prince Novel in English.

the problematic prince novel

The story follows Erna, a young woman who travels to the city of Lechen in search of her father, who has left her and her family in debt. Upon her arrival, she is taken in by her father’s friend, Prince Björn, who is known for his troublesome behavior. Erna soon finds herself caught up in the prince’s schemes and the city’s unforgiving marriage market.

The Problematic Prince Synopsis

Erna Hardy is the daughter of a ruined noble family, and she’s a fish out of water among the elites of Lechen’s high society. But this country bumpkin makes a giant splash when her official debut is interrupted by Prince Björn Dniester, the kingdom’s “Royal Poisonous Mushroom.” Suddenly, Erna is the hot topic on everyone’s lips, and Prince Björn decides that courting the young lady will help him thwart persistent reconciliation attempts from his pining ex-wife.

It’s not until Erna unwittingly finds herself becoming a pawn in the prince’s toxic game that she realizes how he’s earned himself such a venomous title. And despite her best attempts to steer clear of his royal mess, an innocent mistake leaves her indebted to the prince indefinitely. Now, she’s at his mercy as she works to pay off her debt. But is this royal mushroom really as deadly as everyone says?

Where to Read?

The Problematic Prince has been praised for its humor, romance, and suspense. The series has been translated into English, French, and Spanish. If you are interested reading it in english, its available on tappytoon platform.

The Problematic Prince Novel –

The characters in a Novel are well-developed and relatable, The plot is full of twists and turns, The writing is witty and engaging and which together makes The Problematic Prince Novel a Very Intriguing read.

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