Temptation Island India Contestants List 2023 with Photos | Instagram ID

Karan Kundra and Mouni Roy hosted Temptation Island India Season 1 reality show started on JioCinema OTT Platform and Streaming of all Episodes is available Free. Now, Temptation Island India Season 1 Contestants are creating Buzz because apart from 4 Couples, 16 Singles Participated in a show and many of them are New faces for Audiences. Here we brings to you Temptation Island India Contestants Names List with Photos, their Full Names and Instagram IDs.

Temptation Island India is a reality game show where 4 Couples Participated in a show and they are now living Separately in a different Villas. Yes, There is a one Villa for Boys and Another for Girls. The Concept of the show is to check the Loyalty of Couples. If they maintain Strong Bonding with their Existing Couple or Move away with Tempter Singles.

Temptation Island India Contestants Names List with Photos

Let’s meet 16 Tempters Who Participated in a show with their Full Names, Photos and Instagram Id. Among these 16 Tempters List there are 8 Boys and 8 Girls.

Name – Vaibhav Gandhi (Jimmy)
Age – 23 Years
Profession: YouTuber Content Creator
City – Gurgaon
Instagram ID: @the.jimmy7

Name – Rajvi
Age – 21 Years
Profession – Model
City – Surat
Instagram Id – @rajvii.__

Name – Faiz Baloch
Age – 25 Years
Profession: Social Media Influencer
City – Mumbai
Instagram ID: @faizbaloch_07

Name – Neha Dinesh Anand
Age – 32 Years
Profession: Commercial Pilot
City – Mumbai
Instagram Id – @nehadineshanand

Name – Satyam Tyagi
Age – 26 Years
Profession: Lawyer
City – Delhi
Instagram ID: @imsatyagi

Name – Shraddha Tiwari
Age – 24 Years
Profession: Flight Attendant
City – Bilaspur
Instagram Id – @shraddhatiwari09

Name – Aryan Arora
Age – 25 Years
Profession: Actor
City – Mumbai
Instagram Id: @aryannarora

Name – Mahima Seth
Age – 23 Years
Profession: Content Creator
City – Delhi
Instagram Id – @mahimaaseth

Name – Jad Hadid
Age – 37 Years
Profession: International Model
City – Dubai
Instagram Id: @jadhadid

Name – Navisha Raj Kashyap
Age – 25 Years
Profession: Model
City – Kolhapur
Instagram Id – @navisharajk

Name – Nikhil Mehta
Age – 32 Years
Profession: Music Producer / DJ
City – Chandigarh
Instagram Id – @aerreo

Name – Ruma Sharma
Age – 28 Years
Profession: Social Media Influencer
City – Delhi
Instagram Id – @ruma_sharmaa

Name – Zen Sajnani
Age – 22 Years
Profession: Software Engineer
City – Mumbai
Instagram Id: @zensajnani

Name – Urvi Shetty
Age – 28 years
Profession: Model
City – Mumbai
Instagram Id – @urvishetty

Name – Samadh Choudhary
Age – 30 Years
Profession: Sales Professional
City – Jammu
Instagram Id: @samadhchoudhary33

Name – Shagun Daggar
Age – 21 Years
Profession: Beauty Pageant Winner
City – Indore
Instagram Id – @imshagunofficial

Apart from these 16 Singles, 4 Couples Participated in a show and they are here to Test their Long Time Relationships. They will Find Unseen Side of their Partner in a show. There are going to be Heartbreaks in couple when Tempters comes into their relationships. Its going to be an Exciting ride for Viewers to see which couples’ relationship Survive Longer in real life and who fails in this love test.

1) Chetna Pandey with Partner Nishank Swami: You might now Chetna Pandey from MTV Ace of Space Season 1. Yes, She is in a long Timre relationship of more than 10 years with Partner Nishank Swami. They Trust each other a Lot but they will surely discover the Unseen Side of each other on Temptation Island India.

2) Nidhi Kumar with Mohak: Nidhi Kumar and Mohak are also one of the most loved couples. They loves each other but they wants to discover how their partner reacts when She stays with Singles. So, through this love Test on Temptation Island, they will Find if they are Loyal to each other or not.

Nikita Bhamidipati (Nikki) with Partner Tayne Devilliers: Nikita Bhamidipati better known as Nikki is also one of the Contestants in Temptation Island India. She participated earlier in a reality show MTV Ace of Space Season 2. She is in relationship with Tayne and they will discover what their Partners are up to in between Singles.

Cheshta Bhagat and Arjun Aneja: Chestha and Arjun are one of the unique couple in Temptation Island India Season 1. They have been relationship from long time but there have been Breakup and Patch Up multiple times in between them. There is Something that Binds back together after every breakup. Now, What will be their Relationship Status after Participating in Temptation Island India would be exciting to watch.

So, These are the 16 Singles and 4 Couple Contestants who Participated in a Temptation Island India Season 1 reality show. In an Appeared List of Singles, Many of are Social Media Influencer and Content Creator on Instagram and YouTuber as well. You might know many of them before the show. So, These Singles are here to break the relationships of Existing 4 Couple and form their relationship with them. So, it would be the Ultimate Loyalty Taste for Couples.

These Contestants will live for 45 Days in a beautiful Tropical Island. Who is your favorite Singles or Couple, Do let us know. Also, mention your thoughts on this unique Format of love show. Don’t Forget to watch Temptation Island India Season 1 everyday 8 PM, Streaming Free on JioCinema App.

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