Temptation Island India Episode 5: High Turbulence in Singles and Couples

Temptation Island India welcomed 4 Couples and 16 Singles in a show. After their Introduction, they are moved to Two different Villas, 1 for Boys and another for Girls. Also, Couples who entered to the show to Test their Relationships are living in Separate Villa. Now, Here in Episode 5 of Temptation Island India Season 1 you will see Fun Activities in contestants, Romance, Party and Lot more which will lead to High Turbulence in Singles and Couples.

temptation island india episode 5 task

Yes, as you are already watching Temptation Island India Season 1 everyday, You might be aware that Partners of Couple Started Establishing New Relationships with Tempters in a show and which is creating their real life relationship troubles. Here is Temptation Island India Season 1 Episode 5 Highlights when Nikita Bhamidipati kisses Jad Hadid as a Part of Daring activities. Also, you will Witness many New relationships are Formed in Singles and they are enjoying their dating separately.

So, Temptation Island India Season 1 Episode 5 of 7th October 2023 is full of Fun Activities, Dance, Party, Truth and Dare Activities and more. Ultimately, its a Loyalty Taste for Couples, if they Survive in a Villa with the Existing real life relationship or move away with a new Partner.

There are Multiple Connections are in Making in Boys Villa. Girls Coming very Close to Handsome Boys and Forming New relationships. It would be exciting to see if their relationships are Temporary or gets converted into Real Love. Keep Watching Temptation Island India everyday 8 PM, Streaming Free on JioCinema OTT Platform.

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