The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Novel, Where to read?

The Alpha & Beta’s Regret is a very captivating werewolf romance Novel is written by Author jennifer francis. Luci, the concubine of both the Alpha and Beta of a werewolf pack, is left heartbroken when they return with their true mates. As the story unfolds, mysteries around Luci’s identity and past are revealed, while the Alpha and Beta grapple with their choices and seek redemption.

the alpha and beta's regret novel

Once upon a time, in a werewolf pack deep in the woods, lived Alpha Rafe and his Beta Jack. They were best friends and leaders, ruling their pack with fairness and strength. But their lives changed forever when they found their Mates, Melissa and Maria. They shared a deep bond, but it wasn’t meant to be. When Rafe and Jack found their Mates, Luci disappeared into the mysterious lake beside their territory. Alpha Rafe felt a strange emptiness, but Beta Jack refused to believe she was gone.

Years passed, and the pack wasn’t the same. Rafe and Jack grew weaker, their bond with their Mates strained. Melissa and Maria wouldn’t accept their pack’s traditional ways, refusing to share their power and love with another. The pack blamed Rafe and Jack for not providing an heir, and whispers of discontent stirred. A ruthless rival Alpha, Victor, led his Bloodless Moon Pack in a vicious attack. Rafe and Jack’s warriors fell one by one, hope dwindling with each passing moment. Just as defeat seemed inevitable, a stunning creature emerged from the lake.

Rafe’s wolf instinctively bowed, and even Jack gasped in recognition. Could it be Luci, transformed and returned? But Rafe couldn’t believe it. Luci was a wolf, not this enigmatic being. He craved its power and would stop at nothing to capture it. He knew it was a half-Siren, an incredibly rare and powerful breed, and its Alpha blood made it even more coveted.

Meanwhile, cameras caught glimpses of Luci in both her wolf and human forms, fighting rogues and then vanishing back into the lake. No tracks were found leading out, adding to the mystery. Rafe and Jack knew they had to find Luci, not just for the pack’s sake, but also to face their past regret and apologize for how things ended.

The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Novel –—beta-s-regret

Title: The Alpha & Beta’s Regret Novel
Genre: Werewolf
Language: English
Publisher: Dreame

Their journey would be fraught with danger, betrayal, and self-discovery. They’d have to unravel the secrets of the lake, confront Victor’s relentless pursuit, and most importantly, win back Luci’s trust. Can they mend their broken past and save their pack from the impending darkness? Only time will tell.

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