Mated to the Alpha and his Beta Novel, Where to Read?

Mated to the Alpha and his Beta Werewolf Novel is written by Author Anne Marquis. My mating day was even worse than I could have imagined. Not only was I mated to the Alpha and the Beta, they don’t want me, and everyone in the pack knows it. Instead, they want another girl. And they’ll do whatever it takes to have her.

mated to the alpha and his beta novel

Lanie Stanton, it is my pleasure to announce that you have been mated to Alpha Xander,and his Beta, Zane.” Wait, what? Everyone knew they were both completely head over heels for Alice. Everyone expected the elders would mate her to them. “While I appreciate your concern for a fellow she-wolf, might I ask what your plans are for your actual mate?” My “mates” were currently cooing over Alice, comforting her and stroking her hair.

Alice tensed, and she wrinkled up her nose. So, she smelled it, too. For the first time since this horrible mating ceremony had begun, she spoke. “She’s not coming with us, is she?” “I won’t” “I Lanie Stanton reject you Alpha Alpha Xander and Beta Zane as my mates”

Mated to the Alpha and his Beta Novel –

Title: Mated to the Alpha and his Beta Novel
Author: Anne Marquis
Genre: Werewolf
Language: English
Publisher: KissNovel

Mated to the Alpha and his Beta Novel is available to read online on Kiss Novel Platform. Chapter 1 to Chapter 10 are totally free to read on Website. You will get Few more Chapters to read for Free as a Bonus if you Download Android, iOS App and Read from the App. To Read Complete Novel ‘Mated to the Alpha and his Beta’ you need to have a Subscription to the KissNovel Platform.

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