The Lethal Love Hunter Novel, Where to Read?

Since Robin Bruce was a child, he had been staying with Enzo Patton, learning medical, combat, and even ass*ssination skills. He had asked countless times where his family was, yet Enzo wouldn’t tell him no matter what.

When he grew up, Enzo took him to Bronia, the battlefield of mercenaries, for practice. Since then, he dazzled the world as “the Annihilator”, his code name “Dragon” sending everyone down on their knees upon hearing it. To fulfill his engagement, he returned to Londraland with the Dragon Dagger from Enzo.

When he saw his fiancée, however, he was ridiculed and humiliated on the spot. Without the slightest care, he tore the agreement. From then on, he roamed the world, causing upheaval and turmoil…

Title: The Lethal Love Hunter
Author: J.M.J
Publisher: Ireader
Genre: Romance
Language: English

Where to Read The Lethal Love Hunter – Ireader | Storysome (Android/iOS App)

The Lethal Love Hunter Novel is a Romance Story available to read online on Ireader Publisher Platform. You can Download iReader App for Android/iOS And start reading it from the very First Chapter. Also, do share your review in a comments section below.

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