The Loyal Pin Novel [Pinpak] English Translation Version | Vol 1, Vol 2

“The Loyal Pin” is a Thai novel written by Mon Maw. It is a period romance novel that tells the story of two women, Princess Anilaphat and Lady Pilantita, who fall in love in the 1950s. The novel is set against the backdrop of a changing Thailand, as the country moves away from its absolute monarchy and towards a more democratic society. Here is Where you can Read The Loyal Pin Novel Volume 1 and Volume 2 English Translated Version.

the loyal pin novel

Period Girl Love novel in 1950 between Princess Anilaphat and Lady Pilantita. In Sawetawarit Palace, Lady Pilantita has grown up as a well-manner young lady. Throughout her childhood with Princess Anilaphat who always treated her with love and care, their relation turn to be more complicated. Under the strict rule of the royal family, how their love can be true?

Vol. 1 takes place to their teenage years around 14-15 it mentions when Lady Pin first came to the palace and how Princess Anil welcome her. Basically an introduction and discovering feelings, parting ways, meeting again in their 20s and expressing feelings. The end of the book is the start of their love journey

Vol. 2 the conflicts, complications, resolve there is a lot of fun, cute journeys in the beginning of this book and in between.

The Loyal Pin Volume 1 (English Version)
The Loyal Pin Volume 2 (English Version)

The novel has been translated into English and is available for purchase on Amazon. It has also been adapted into a Thai television series, which is currently airing. The novel has been praised for its beautiful writing and its portrayal of a forbidden love story. However, it has also been criticized for its stereotypical characters and its lack of historical accuracy.

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