Turning of the Tide Novel (Natalie and Trevon) by Diana Sander

“Turning of the Tide” Novel by Diana Sander is a romance novel that explores the complicated relationship between Natalie and Trevor, who get married out of obligation rather than love. Natalie and Trevor enter a marriage of convenience to fulfill the wishes of Natalie’s grandfather and Trevor’s family friend. Both harbor suspicions about the other’s motives, creating a strained dynamic.

turning of the tide novel

As they navigate their unorthodox marriage, Natalie and Trevor face numerous misunderstandings and challenges. Through these experiences, they gradually learn to see each other in a new light and overcome their initial prejudices.

As their bond deepens, secrets and past hurts resurface, jeopardizing the fragile trust they’ve built. The journey of uncovering the truth about their motivations and pasts becomes a crucial part of their journey together.


Natalie Foster, a young girl working in a hospital, was rushing towards the city hall in her best friend’s Mercedes-Benz. Today she was coming to register her marriage, a task her grandfather had arranged long ago. As soon as she arrived, she was gobsmacked to see the scene before her. The person that Natalie was about to marry was called Trevon Wilson. He was also known as Mr. Wilson in Athana. He was rich, intelligent, and powerful, but had a very low EQ. The two of them had a contract marriage.

However, Natalie got fed up with Trevon’s low EQ and demanded a divorce before the time limit of their contract marriage.

What did Trevon do that caused Natalie to propose a divorce? How was Trevon going to react to the divorce? What would their marriage turn out to be like?

Title: Turning Of The Tide
Author: Diana Sander
Publisher: Novelenders
Genre: Romance
Subtitle: English

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As they confront their vulnerabilities and work through their issues, a genuine connection begins to blossom between Natalie and Trevor. They learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and overcome their initial assumptions, paving the way for a deeper love.

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