The Pretend Christmas Bride Novel by L. Steele, Where to Read?

“The Pretend Christmas Bride” by L. Steele! It’s a delightful standalone romance in the “Morally Grey Billionaires” series, full of festive cheer, sizzling chemistry, and a heartwarming happily-ever-after. Here is where you can read all the chapters of The Pretend Christmas Bride Novel online on official platform.

The Pretend Christmas Bride Novel

A troubled billionaire haunted by past mistakes. He’s struggling to find his way, heartbroken and lost. A free-spirited artist with a zest for life, living it up in London before her arranged marriage looms. Edward needs a fake fiancée for the holidays to appease his family, and Mirabelle needs a way out of her unwanted betrothal. A pretend marriage seems like the perfect solution.

As they play pretend under the mistletoe, sparks fly and hidden depths are revealed. Edward finds solace in Mirabelle’s sunshine, while she sees the vulnerability beneath his tough exterior.

He’s my new boss
My complete opposite
And my arranged husband…
Edward ‘Priest’ Chase. The country’s most sought-after bachelor is everything I hate.
He’s grumpy where I am of sunny disposition.
Bad-tempered where I’m carefree.
I adore Christmas,
He’s the original Grinch.
As my boss, I can’t stand his glowering presence,
So, when he asks me to marry him to ensure he inherits his company, I refuse.
The only thing we have in common is our loyalty to our families
When his grandfather asks him to marry, he turns to me.
Of course, I refuse him.
When it turns out he’s also my arranged husband I can’t believe it.
But Edward is insistent.

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Title: The Pretend Christmas Bride Novel
Author: L. Steele
Language: English
Publisher: KU, Amazon, ePub

Their fake romance turns increasingly real, filled with stolen kisses, cozy nights by the fire, and heartwarming Christmas traditions. But can their pretend love survive the real-life challenges that threaten to tear them apart?

Overall, “The Pretend Christmas Bride” is a delightful holiday romance that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all year round. If you’re looking for a sweet escape with a touch of steam and a whole lot of festive cheer, this book is definitely for you! The Pretend Christmas Bride Novel is available to read online on epub platform. Have you read it? If yes, do share your review in a comments section below.

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