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Sinful Lord is a captivating standalone novel plunges you into a world of dark mafia intrigue, electrifying enemies-to-lovers tension, and a passionate forced marriage that will leave you breathless. As the third installment in Sasha Leone’s Ruthless Dynasty series, Sinful Lord promises an unforgettable ride through the underworld, where love defies expectations and danger lurks around every corner.

sinful lord sasha leone

He’s my best friend’s older brother,
A drool-worthy, off-limits mobster who barely knows I exist.
So why is he trying to help me?
Tytus Ryzdon rules the Polish mafia with an iron fist.
The first time we meet, he’s covered in blood.
The second, in shadows.
It’s hard to remember more than that.
Even if he’s impossible to forget.
It’s not just those silver-blue eyes.
That savage frame or the dark tattoos.
It’s what he promises me.
A way out.
One year later, I follow his advice,
Breaking free from my gilded cage.
On my own, at last.
That is, until he comes pounding at my door,
Asking how I’m going to repay him.
It would be a threat,
If the proposition wasn’t so thrilling.
I haven’t been able to get him off my mind.
But maybe, just maybe,
I can get him out of my system…

Title: Sinful Lord
Original Title: Sinful Lord: A Dark Mafia Romance (Ruthless Dynasty Book 3)
Author: Sasha Leone
Publisher: KU, Amazon, ePub

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Sinful Lord Novel is for those who loves to explore Dark mafia romance, Enemies-to-lovers, Forced marriage, Strong female characters, Steamy romance and Suspenseful thrillers. So, If you’re ready to delve into a world of irresistible temptation and raw power, download Sinful Lord today and let Sasha Leone transport you to the heart of the Ruthless Dynasty!

Sinful Lord Novel is available to read online on ePub Platform link mentioned above. Also its available on KU and Amazon to purchase. You can Listen the Audiobook on Amazon Kindle. If you already read it or reading it, do share you experience in a comments section below.

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