The Seeker of Nothing by Kabir Munjal | A fable on owning your life

The Seeker of Nothing: A fable on owning your life is a Book by Author Kabir Munjal. Its Extra Ordinary Story explores us deep into the Nature of Self-Awareness. It tells the Story of a Warrior named Andahar who has been traumatized by a terrible loss. Its about how he has withdrawn from the World and lived in his Fear.

the seeker of nothing book

The Story revolves around characters such as Anadhar the troubled warrior who took the journey of seeking the truth. So far where his life is filled with hardships, battles, and nightmares. Ned-har his brother urges Anadhar to go on a journey to redeem himself and get his life back. A formidable journey to the mountains of Templetron.

Sometimes what light cannot give you, darkness can. often it is, the darkness in your life that sets you on your true path. We all face happy, sad, dark, bright, good and bad moments in life. How we live through those moments defines who we will become.

The Seeker of Nothing is a Story about Power of Facing our Fears and come out Stronger and Happy. Its about how to uncover or Hidden Strength and taking responsibilities of our own lives can change everything. It teaches we all have a Potential to make our own path of Happiness and Achievements.

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It is fable. Fable means a story that teaches lessons. It certainly has many lessons. It goes deep to philosophy of existence. Struggle of normal humans and call of the duty. It creates a magical world around main characters. Hope you Find The Seeker of Nothing by kabir munjal interesting read. Let us know what you think about the Book.

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No, We recommend you to Purchase an Official Copy of this Book to Support the hard work of Author and Publisher.

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