The Village Graphic Novel, Adapted into Web-Series, Where to Read?

The Village Graphic Novel is created by Author Shamik Dasgupta who is an Indian Cartoonist. It’s Illustrated by Gaurav Shrivastav and Prasad Patnaik. The novel tells the story of a young doctor named Gautham Subramanian who is traveling from Nagapattinam to Chennai with his wife and daughter when their car breaks down near a deserted village.

the village graphic novel

Gautham leaves his family in the car and walks to the nearest village for help. However, the villagers refuse to help him, warning him that the deserted village is haunted.

Gautham eventually finds help from three elderly men who agree to help him rescue his family from the deserted village. The novel is set in rural India and explores themes of superstition, fear, and the power of community. It has been praised for its atmospheric artwork and its suspenseful storytelling.

The Village Novel Adaption into Web-Series

The Village was adapted into a Tamil-language horror series in 2023. The series stars Arya as Gautham Subramanian. Yes, Amazon Prime Video released New Web Series titled ‘The Village’ is adapted from this Graphic Novel ‘The Village’ by Shamik Dasgupta. Milind Rau directed the Web-Series ‘The Village’ 2023. Here is what director has to Say about ‘The Village Graphic Novel’ Adaption into Web Series.

Milind, what about the story of this graphic novel inspired you?

Milind: There’s a lot that I liked, but what really inspired me was the real, human story that is at the centre of it all. The Village, set in southern Tamil Nadu, is about a man who loses his family in a ghost town that is believed to be dangerous and haunted. The story takes place over one night and shows the efforts of this man, along with those who help him, in rescuing his family.

After reading the novel, I wanted to expand this world further; I thought of exploring why the town was deserted and what emotional connection these villagers (played by Muthu Kumar, George Maryan and Aadukalam Naren) might have that pushes them to help the protagonist (played by Arya) save his family. The fact that we were talking about India’s first live-action adaptation of an Indian graphic novel, and that it is in Tamil, made it all the more so attractive.

Where to Read?

The Village Graphic Novel is gaining So much Popularity as people loved Arya’s web-series. This Complete Graphic Novel is available to Read Online on Amazon as Kindle Edition. Here we would love to Share you the Official ‘The Village Graphic’ Novel link, you can directly go and read online or Purchase it.

From Storytelling to Art Work Illustration and its Emotional Plot, everything is on Place. There is lot more in this Novel including Emotion, Drama, Social Horror, Thrill, Suspense, Biological Disaster and much more keeps viewers glued to its Story till the end.

The Village Graphic Novel – Amazon (Read Online)

Author: Shamik Dasgupta
Illustrator Artists: Gaurav Shrivastav, Prasad Patnaik
Pages – 140
Edition – Paperback, Kindle
Language – English

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