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Molly Jane’s Accidentally Yours Pocket FM Audiobook Novel is Trending all over and getting so much love because of its intriguing storyline, suspense and narrator’s voice and representing style makes it exciting to listen audio book. Accidentally Yours Pocket FM Novel All Episodes (724) are Available to Download from Telegram Link, Listen Audio MP3 on Audiobook.

Natalie’s unplanned pregnancy didn’t work out; neither did her relationship with her childhood sweetheart. Now her sister and family have turned against her, and her story has taken a very dark twist… But could there be light at the end of the tunnel?

Accidentally Yours Pocket FM Audio book Review

Those who have Listened to Accidentally Yours Pocket FM Audiobook Online are reviewing it on social media. Here is what they are saying about the Novel and all the episodes, story and more.

User 1: 

I like the narrator her voice is calm and very clear and explain it very well and I love love this book and the night Natalie made love for the first time and how she didn’t know it was not Shane even though the guy was wearing Shane Cologne and how long she should know his touch and his kisses but now or less this was her first kiss too

User 2:

Just starting this novel but it has taken very little time to capture my attention and imagination. Enjoyable entertainment listening to the narrator. Only issue, not a problem per se but in an episode or two the background sound effects gets just a bit loud.

User 3:

The story is good and the voice is great but she does tend to rush and say the wrong names quite often. It’s off putting as I have read the novel. Also she leaves out key chapters for some reason. Like the chapters about Timothy’s mother visiting the temple for the fortunes on Natalie and Natalie’s closet chapter which left everyone wondering what the heck happened! Please stop doing that.

User 4:

I really love this so far!! Hopefully I don’t go to geez!! I love Ben! I can’t wait to see what happens with Natalie and Mr. Lewis. Oh I hope the sister Nora gets it!

You can Listen to Initial Few Episodes of Accidentally Yours Pocket FM Novel right here and Rest of the Episodes are available on below mentioned official link.

Novel Name – Accidentally Yours

Author: Molly Jane

Narrator: Kelly Dugger

Number of Episodes – 724

Audio Book Download – All Episodes (Listen)

Where to Listen ‘Accidentally Yours’ Pocket FM All Episodes?

You can Listen all the Episodes available in Audiobook on official PocketFM App in Android an iOS devices.

Can i Download ‘Accidentally Yours’ Pocket FM All Episodes in MP3?

Downloading Accidentally Yours Pocket FM Series is not allowed but you can Enjoy whole series on Pocket FM App.

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