BTD6 Advanced Challenge Today 23rd January 2024 | KartsNDarts

The BTD6 Advanced Challenge for today, January 23rd, 2024 is called KartsNDarts. Bloons TD 6 features a rotating daily challenge called the “Advanced Challenge.” This challenge presents players with a specific map, set of towers, restrictions, and modifiers, and they must complete it by popping all the Bloons before they reach the exit. Many players enjoy tackling these challenges and sharing their solutions online.

btd6 advanced challenge

This challenge looks like it will require clever micro and positioning of the Monkey Ace to take down Bloons with its darts, while the Alchemist buffs up the Dart Monkeys for extra popping power. It’s definitely a tricky one, so you’ll need to be on your toes!

Map: Firing Range
Towers: Monkey Ace, Dart Monkey, Alchemist
Restrictions: No Hero, No Selling, No Powers, Start with $4,000
Modifiers: None

Ethan Reid’s YouTube channel: He has a video specifically for today’s Advanced Challenge, called “BTD6 Advanced Challenge | KartsNDarts | January 23, 2024” where he provides a walkthrough and strategy tips.

Other YouTube channels: Many other creators also post solutions and guides for Advanced Challenges, so you can explore and see different approaches.

BTD6 subreddit: The subreddit is a great place to discuss the challenge with other players, ask for help, and share your own solutions.

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