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You Rejected Me. Remember? Novel is the Story of Cassandra and Miles about Love, Heartbreak and Rejection. Rejected, and heart broken, Cassandra tries to end her life. However, her attempt to kill herself only starts her journey of discovering her real identity. Here is where you can read complete Novel online.

you rejected me remember novel

The world dissolved into a haze of tears as Miles’s pronouncement slammed into me. “I, Miles Walter, reject you, Cassandra Williams,” his voice echoed in the confined space, shattering my hopes like fragile ice. The sting of his words was venomous, each syllable tearing at the seams of my heart. He spat, the gesture as cruel as his decree. My sobs, strangled by my broken heart, resonated in the oppressive silence.

“Leave,” he snarled, his voice laced with disdain. “Disappear and never dare show your face again. You, human, are anathema to me. Your very existence offends. Why burden this pack with your presence? Why rescue you at all? Perhaps then, fate would have granted me a true mate.” The venom in his words ripped through me, twisting the knife of rejection deeper. Tears streamed down my cheeks, blurring the image of his contorted face.

Pain lanced through me, a brutal cocktail of hurt and disbelief. “Rejected,” I whispered, the word tasting like ashes on my tongue. Never in my wildest nightmares had I envisioned this, the crushing weight of his rejection a burden too heavy to bear. Human or not, the ache in my soul transcended species, a universal pang of heartbreak that threatened to consume me whole.

You Rejected Me. Remember? Novel ––remember-

Novel Title: You Rejected Me. Remember?
Author: Z Ali
Publisher: Dreame
Language: English

You Rejected me Remember Novel Cassandra and Miles Story is very Interesting read and availale to read on Dreame App for Android and iOS. Chapter 1 to Chapter 10 are completely free to read on official website and App. To Unlock more chapters to read, you need to have Subscription or you can Unlock by Coins.

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